【ブリリアント英会話 in ハノイ】【重要】受講生の皆様へお知らせ(コロナウイルス対策)/【Brilliant English in Ha Noi】【Important】Update of COVID-19 infection

【ブリリアント英会話 in ハノイにてご受講の皆様へ重要なお知らせ】 <in English below>

平素より格別のご配慮を賜り、厚く御礼申し上げます。ブリリアント英会話 in ハノイでございます。

現在、新型コロナウイルス COVID-19 の感染拡大を受け、ベトナム国内において、一部商業サービス活動の一時休止/制限が指示されています。以下、テト休暇明けの2月17日(水)~2月28日(日)期間中のブリリアント英会話 in ハノイでの対応をお知らせします。※3月1日以降は、現時点では完全営業の再開を目指しておりますが、感染状況次第では延期いたしますので、その際には改めてご連絡差し上げます。


予約システムを開き、ログイン後、時間割から予約を選択→場所を [Brilliant教室] から [Skype] に変更






ブリリアント英会話 in ハノイ

[Important Notice to Brilliant English Students]
Thank you very much for your kind attention. This is Brilliant English in Hanoi.
We would like to make an urgent and important announcement regarding the matter above.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus COVID-19, we have been instructed to temporarily suspend or restrict commercial service activities in Vietnam. The following is Brilliant English’s response to the situation from February 17(Tuesday) to February 28 (Sunday). We are currently aiming to resume full operations after March 1, but this may change depending on instructions from the authorities, and we will inform you for any changes.

We will completely shift to offering only online Skype lessons.
We will not be able to provide face-to-face lessons at schools or dispatch lessons during this period.
*There is no need for you to complete any procedures for reservations after March 1 (Monday) at this moment.

[How to switch your class reservation to Skype]
Open the reservation system, log in, select a reservation from the timetable, and change the location from [Brilliant Classroom] to [Skype].

To log in to the web reservation system, please click the following link:

If you haven’t registered for Skype yet, please refer to the Skype course guidelines below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can always contact us by email or phone.

[Purchase of tickets and materials] (cash, credit card, bank transfer)
For payment, please contact us by phone or email in advance.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our students.
We would like to ask your understanding and cooperation to bring the infectious disease under control as quickly as possible. Thank you again for your understanding.

Brilliant English in Hanoi