【ブリリアント英会話 in ホーチミン】【重要】空港使用歴のある受講生の皆様へお知らせ(コロナウイルス対策)/【Brilliant English Vietnam】【Important】Update of COVID-19 infection

【ブリリアント英会話 in ホーチミンにてご受講の皆様へ重要なお知らせ】 <in English below>

平素より格別のご配慮を賜り、厚く御礼申し上げます。ブリリアント英会話 in ホーチミンでございます。

↑ ご利用・接触されてから2週間はオンラインレッスンにてご受講くださいますようお願い申し上げます。



ブリリアント英会話 in ホーチミン

[Important Notice to Brilliant English Students in Ho Chi Minh City]
As new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were found in Hanoi on 13th February, we need to take serious measures to prevent its spread especially to our students, teachers, and staff. With that, we do not provide lessons for someone who is described on the list below.
・A person who has used or planned to use Tan Son Nhat Airport between 1st of February to 28th February.
・A person who has had close or physical contact with someone who has been to the Airport (Family member or friends).
↑ If you apply to any of those, please take online lessons for 2 weeks after the contact.
・A person who has fever or symptoms like flu
・A person who had fever for a period of 2 weeks
・A person who has a respiratory tract disease like cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc.
・Students, teachers, and staff must always wear masks at all times anywhere within the school premises. We will not provide lessons to students who are not wearing masks. Students who don’t wear masks are advised to take our Skype lessons instead.
Since our school provides one on one lesson, we cannot avoid close contact between teachers and students.
It is the responsibility of our school to prevent and limit the spread of infection within our school perimeters for the health and safety of everyone. Thank you for your understanding.
Brilliant English in Ho Chi Minh City